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RHYTHMITICA is an online musical Academy, which gathers highly esteemed and skilled professionals in the field of Persian music focused on transferring their knowledge to seekers from all corners of the world through the power of Internet. RHYTHMITICA uses highly advanced online learning techniques (E-learning) along with multimedia softwares in order to provide you with the highest quality educational products in the form of software’s, onsite music courses and online music lessons.


Easy Communication between the students and professional instructors anywhere around the world. The smart choice for people who cannot attend classes in person.


Lower tuition as compared to private Persian classes. 15% discount for students and family learners all over the world.


Teaching all traditional Persian instruments. Using Online Classes and Onsite Courses via internet.


Our students from all around the world include native and not natives who are interested in learning Persian music from professional experts in Persian music. You can pick from over 20 different courses.