• RHYTHMITICA international online Persian music lessons

Hooman Tootoonchian

Hooman started learning music at the age of 6 and in the course of 5 years attended classes by maestros such as Mostafa PoorTorab, Khofri (RIP) and Farman Behbood,
He continued his musical journey by learning both Iranian traditional and classical music as he started his bachelor of science in metallurgical engineering at Tehran University. He has mastered the rhythms and melodies of Iranian music (so-called “Radif”) and fundamental theories of classical music. He is also a professional recorder player. Starting in 2009, he started the efforts to create a multimedia educational software packages and online education of music. This passionate endeavour has been fruitful and the collaboration culminated in the current “RHYTHMITICA” the online learning method of Persian music. Hooman’s Musical teachers and influencers: Piano: Khafri, Farman Behboud, Mostafa Kamal PourTorab Daf and Tombak: Amir Mogharab Samadi Setar: Behdad Shahideh, Masoud Shoari History of Music: Kambiz Roshan-Ravan Recorder: Reza Asgarzadeh Conducting: Behrang Shegarf-kar Solfege: Mehr-Azin Kar-andish Harmony: Mehr-Azin Kar-andish, Alireza Mashayekhi Teaching Orff: Nasser Nazar, Andrea San Giorgio, Andrea Ostertag Performances and Authored Books: - Universal Children’s Day Concerts at Talar Vahdat for four consecutive years - Daf and percussion player in reputable bands all over the country - Percussion player for classical and contemporary pieces in Talar Roodaki Festival - Member of percussion orchestra band: “Moosighi Nou” - Percussion player for Pars orchestra - Percussion player in albums such as “Ghoroob”, Sheyda”, “Saturn” and etc. - Band leader and conductor for Iranian Orff band - Author of “Raz Daf”, First Daf primer for children - Producer and player on the comprehensive music software package: “Mashgh Eshgh” - Introduced the first ever Persian music education system via internet