Tombak Pejman Hadadi (Jami)- Walnut wood #3

Tombak Pejman Hadadi (Jami)- Walnut wood #3 $590

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Jāmi Tombak 

Seller: Hapa Drums

A. Jāmi (Pejman Hadadi Logo) B. HaPa (HaPa Logo) Hapa Drums started producing Tombak since 2016. The uniqueness of these instruments is in their exclusive and shapely design, that are recreated based on an old pattern, that for so many years was forgotten and almost none of the Tombak manufacturers during the past recent years have been active in reproducing it. Important factors in producing, sonority and choosing wood for Jāmi Tombak is intended as follows: Carving, dimensions, weights and body thickness of the instrument is done with precise calculations. The raw woods of these tombaks are chosen with sensitivity and precision. All wood is dried using the traditional and natural method of "shade-dried", instead of any other common chemical methods, in order to accelerate the drying process. Type and thickness of the skin of each Jāmi Tombak has been chosen on the basis of dimensions and weight of the same instrument, that in terms of sonority has a particular importance. Also the carving amount of the baring-edge of these tombaks is proportional to the thickness of the skin. High quality and range of colors or varnish used, in order to meet and provide different tastes of musicians. All the manufacturing stages from the most basic level including primary carving, drying, secondary carving and the final preparations are done by experienced instrument makers.




 Weight  2.84 kg - 6.3  lb
 Diameter  25.9 cm - 10.2 inches 
 Height  44.6 cm - 17.6 inches
 Delivery time  7-20 days after payment
 Shipping   Calculated at Checkout
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