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Rhythmitica is the very first Persian online music academy that was established by Hooman Tootoonchian and Parinaz Pourrezaei based in Canada. The academic tutoring of traditional Persian/Iranian music to interested students across the world and promoting Persian/Iranian music are the main goals of Rhythmitica.
At this point, Rhythmitica’s team includes more than 20 educators in the field of traditional Iranian music online and beyond. The students and audience of Rhythmitica include Iranians and non-Iranians across the world.
The main focus of Rhythmitica is providing weekly online video lessons. The lessons are either an hour or half an hour long and this service also provides direct access to the related teacher. Other services include producing online educational content in different formats such as video tutorials, music samples and iBooks. Rhythmitica has established its own web platform to facilitate the connection between the students and their teachers. The platform is simple to use and it is very user-friendly.


We believe that producing and educating art and ideas is one of the noblest jobs in the world. Academic education of Iranian music and promoting its art has been our goal from the beginning and we aspire to keep our endeavours towards this goal.
Through the years, many have contacted us and have stated that they can not find a teacher for Persian music in their location. Even if they have been able to find a teacher, the quality and the authenticity of the teachings have been a constant concern.
This made us start Rhythmitica. First, we collected a powerful team of educators and experienced teachers and performers. Then, with the help of an experienced team of web producers, we made an exclusive platform for the educational content. Just like that, Rhythmitica has become a bridge to connect our excellent teachers with the students across the world.


Rhythmitica works with renowned musicians such as Dr. Bouban, Siamak Jahangiri and Pezhman Haddadi and uses their expertise to improve the quality and to produce content.


Hooman Tootoonchian-Founder of Rhythmitica

Hooman Tootoonchian

General Manager
Parinaz Pourrezaei-Founder of Rhythmitica

Parinaz Pourrezaei

Operations Manager

Branding Consultant / Partner


Dr Shahriar Shafiee

Dean of Brand Academy, CEO BrandTech, Chairman of IMI Alumni


Our audience is non-Iranians and Iranians who live outside of Iran. The lessons can be taught in English or Farsi. Some of our classes are also taught in Turkish and Spanish. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of music to start your training. Our students range from 7 years old to adults. Rhythmitica Persian music provides student discounts for any level. To receive the discount coupon simply send us a scanned version of your student Id.

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