When it comes to Iranian classical music, there have been a few different influential individuals who showed an exceptional interest and dedicated a tremendous part of their lives researching, learning, and demonstrating their knowledge and findings to the rest of the world. These people, many Iranians, and numerous foreign ethnomusicologists and enthusiasts, have also often come to very interesting intersections of Iranian classical music and other forms of musical practice. One of these particular individuals was Lloyd Miller, an ethnomusicologist who had a vast interest in Iran's music. He has researched and published generously on the topic. As we mentioned before, he also showed his dedication through supporting many of the emerging Iranian artists of his time, especially, Parisa, the world-renowned female classical vocalist of Iran, through his involvement with the Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music. You can maybe find his writings in your local library or that of a close by university. They are also available online. One of the interesting things he reported on in his writings is the ancient idea that different dastgahs are best played at different times of the day, that they are associated with particular natural elements, and that they have specific colors and textures associated with them. Check out the following video of him incorporating Iranian classical instruments and style into Blues music.

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Posted On : Friday 23 December 2016
Author : Hooman Tootoonchian

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