A Saeidi

Ayyoub Saiedi is a passionate musician, instrument maker, teacher, and documentary filmmaker from the northeast of Iran, Khorasan. From the age of six, I have studied and played Dotar, an ancient Iranian and Afghani instrument.
He had my first live performance when I was only eight years old. Since then, he has been regularly invited to perform on stage inside and outside Iran.

He had the honor to learn this instrument from some of the greatest Dotar players and musicians in Iran. Since then he has undertaken a project to document and preserve the oral traditions regarding their skills as a means of cultural preservation.

This is one of several projects he has undertaken to collect and document Iranian folk music heritage through personal study, teaching these traditions to future generations, and the development of documentary films.


Language skills
• Farsi (primary language) • Kormang (fluent)
• Dari (fluent)
• Turkish (beginner)
• English (beginner)


A Saeidi
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