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In 2011, Adamak was founded in Tehran, by a group of Iranian graduates of Carl Orff Institute of Mozarteum University of Salzburg. Here, in Adamak, we aim to raise the awareness of music educators who work with children and provide them with the opportunities to develop their essential teaching skills.

We constantly study the modern approaches to music pedagogy with an open mind to create a platform for music teachers from all around Iran to share their ideas and knowledge.


Our main activities are:

  • producing and publishing audio-visual materials related to children’s music
  • collecting relevant books and articles
  • providing consultations related to the Orff-Schulwerk approach
  • conducting related research and study works
  • running teacher training workshops and seminars in different parts of Iran


In 2014, Adamak was officially registered by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance under the name of “Pendar-e Pouya-ye Adamak”. In 2015, Adamak was qualified by “International Orff- Schulwerk Forum Salzburg” as the official member of this center in Iran.

Adamak, as the “Iranian Orff-Schulwerk Association“, attempts to develop the general knowledge of Orff-Schulwerk approach and adapt it to the local culture with the aim of raising the awareness of this approach in Iran. This association also tries to create a favorable environment for Orff-Schulwerk teachers to improve their artistic and pedagogical skills, and offer them an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss different pedagogical and artistic issues. To this end, it gathers, produces and publishes reading materials, provides technical consultations relevant to Orff-Schulwerk, and runs specialized workshops, seminars and meetings in different cities.

Adamak Group
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