Ahmad Mohamadiyan

Musical instruments: Local Wind Instruments (Doduk - Balaban - Sorna - Ney Anban)

activities :

- Musician of the Clarinet and Dodok instruments in Muhammad Motamedi's band Concert tour of the desert (96-1395) in cities: Shahrood (Bahman 95), Yazd (Bahman 95), Tehran, Iran (March 9, 95), Tehran (May 96) Shiraz (May 96), Birjand (June 96)

- The head of the local Novban band (composer and regulator) A) Performing South Music at Karaj Art University (May 2010) B. Performing Lorestan Music at Tehran Art University (May 2011) C) Performing South Music at Tehran Art University (2012) D) Composing music at Tehran University Music Festival (2011)

- Participated in the folk music festival in Pinang, Malaysia (with the Nassoot group in 2013)

- Cooperation with the Tehran Music University Orchestra between 1391 and 20085. Procurement in the band Avee Rood at the Student Fellowship Festival in 2012 and top rank

- Conducting meetings of local and Iranian music in the art gallery of Isfahan in 2011 - Composer and musician of the theater group Dr. Ardalan in 2011

- Working with the local congratulations group in the summer of 2011

- Cooperation with Rastak Group between 2010 and 2009

- Specialist in local musical instruments of Isfahan Music Museum - Supervisor and regulator of wind instrument group in Isfahan, 1396 - Collaboration with the Juliag Group under the supervision of Amin Heydari 1395 - 1394

- Cooperation with the Rastakiz group in 1395 - Working with the Hamoon Group in 1395 - Collaboration with the secret group of Band 1396 - Playing in Red Bang album by composing Sina Farzadipur and Producer of Isfahan Municipality) Sun Artistic

Ahmad Mohamadiyan
Free Consultation