Aria Torkaman

Aria Torkaman    Instructor of the Musemuscle method  , Author and researcher in the field of instrumentalist’injuries  , Musician and specific teacher of tar &  setar based on Musemuscle method, principal of the center and specialized Musemuscle team, Compilation and editing of the book “The Principles And Fundamentals Of Instrument Playing” by Mohammad Mehdi Babaei,  MA  degree  in Iranian music playing, Tar instrument, .from Tehran University of Arts was born in Arak, Iran on August 13, 1988.  .

He Started Tar playing in 1982 under the supervision of  “Arshad Tahmasebi “, Hossein Alizade, and  M.R Lotfi. He also learned the Theory of Western music, solfeggio, and harmony with Professor  Mohsen Elhamian

He learned  musemuscle method Coaching  under the tutelage of  Mohammad Mehdi Babaei in 2014 (The oldest hand Musemuscle coach)


Muse Muscle is the true cognition of the body and a path toward self-evaluation for an injury-free

life, which is the result of 17 years of study by Mohammad. M. Babai, an Iranian researcher, and


Muse Muscle is a lifestyle that is recommended for all the people around the world who concern

about their health and

It is a necessity for those who have repetitive motions and hand-intensive activities, like a typist,

writers, painters, calligraphers, employees, students, housewives, and in particular, musicians.

For years, musicians of any age or level have been using more than a hundred Muse Muscle's

detailed exercises to re-train their kinesthetic sense, improve freedom, prevent or eliminate

injuries and in general, experiencing an injury-free career.

The result of this 17 years study has been published in 3 books, more than 15 hours

instructional videos, and used to train dozens of expert teachers.

Aria Torkaman
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