Babak Safarnejad

Babak safarnezhad was born in Tehran at the fifteenth of June 1985 . His from a artic family and his eyes was opened to the world of music as a child at 9 years old and began with the piano. He entered the Conservatory music school, and chose ghanoon as his professional instrument, although still feel it was something else too, even in professional instrument it was not however the mentor Maliha Saeedi utilize the ghanoon instrument special skills to the border of a professional musician before the above range.
He followed in the feelings between instruments to manage mind engaged and give it the feeling down his dormant brand. Tombak instruments and violin under Professor Mohammad Esmaeili and Akbarpour learned but still had a little thing, until received the gift that created a spark in him an old friend, maybe just a gift of music albums great harmonica player Toots Thielemants but this genius musician and reshape his magical voice of an impact on such a small instrument such Babak said that perhaps never had such a sense fly.
Toots Thielemants that gave him new life into the dormant sense was his. He tried most of these instruments (harmonica) recognize her magical voice to demonstrate, chose the styles, each of which had nothing to say as the Blues was a sad song plays to show the suffering of blacks. He chose the light step and went and met with people who had a common goal and his first concerts with his new instrument was no longer a member of the sessions with the group The Low Teck Dudes played and everyone was surprised.
The International Master Vahak Hayraptyan a short period of jazz & blues and master passed on from a small maker of his lovely work that eventually worked back to familiar with keivan Kiaras guitar and join his group was that the emulation Cooperation by step to the now.

Babak melodies in the style of gypsy jazz violin on the harmonica and brought into force for better brings men of different techniques and chromatic harmonica by diatonic sense so that would be used to penetrate the bone is the instrument.
He would need a new sense of self and the instrument must wonder controversial shows to people, then tried to collect an album of different styles that will run until everyone in your imaginary twin instrument to find and identify other reach the instrument. The album called "friends" and friends remembered the sparks that kindled on the Living Art Babak music came to the market.
He found new energy to continue to work master already ...

Babak Safarnejad
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