Behnam Masoumi

Behnam Masoumi
Born 1986
Multi-Percussive Instrumentalist
- Chair of the Department of Rhythm and Percussive Instruments at the Tehran Conservatoire of Music
- Official performer for the Vancouver World Music company from 2014-2016
- Performer for the Lotus Revival Company of Austria
Performed in well over 28 musical album projects such as Benjo, In the Moment, In the realm of solitude, Tanide, Tar o Pood, Three Oud, Ghatre, Ravi, Ejaz, Chopi,...
Participated in international festivals in Germany, Netherland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Canada, Australia, Armenia,...
Took the stage in well over 800 concerts in Iran and many countries
Held professional workshops in Iran and many countries on:
- Rhythm over the past 800 years in Iran - Iranian Historic Rhythmic Cycles
- multi rhythm and Polyrhythmic theories


Behnam's lessons are held only in Farsi!

Behnam Masoumi
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