Hannaneh Saeidi

Hannaneh, born in 1985, started learning music with Ghanoun instrument under Maestro Maliheh Saeedi as she entered the Women’s music college. After receiving the diploma, she got admitted to Elmi-karbordi Music University and in 1384/2005 got her BSc’s with specialization in Ghanoun instrument.

During her studies in college and university, she learned to play Daf and Tombak from Maestro Mohmmad Esmaeili and piano from Ms. Azar Saberian and Mr. Karbakhsh. After her diploma degree, she learned about Orff music and its teaching method from Mr. Nasser at Pars music institute. She has participated in Fajr, Javan, Yas and women’s music festivals and has won the awards for the best Ghanoun player.

She has held several concerts, both domestic and international. She has attended two summer workshops on Orff Schulwerk method in Austria. Moreover she participated in Adamak workshop in Tehran and master-classes by instructors such as Bidinger, Andrea San Giorgio and Ms. Andrea Ostertag with focus on children’s music education. She has been an instructor at Pars music Academy since 1383/2004 and since 1390/2011 she has been coaching future Orff instructors.

She has been also teaching Ghanoun at women’s music college since 1384/2005. Currently, she collaborates with “Sarv Azad”, “Mah Banoo” and Magham bands. Musical Education: - Ghanoun: Maliheh Saeedi - BSc. In music from faculty of Art, Tehran University - Daf and Tonbak: Mohammad Esmaili - Piano: Azar Saberian and Karbakhsh - Orff Instruction: Nasser Orff, Andrea San Georgio and Andrea Sterteg Performances, compositions and authored works: Several concerts: Sarv Azad band Concerts with Mah Banoo band Concerts with “Muqam” band

Hannaneh Saeidi
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