Mahmoud Zolghadr

Mahmoud Zolghadr was born in 05.04.1986 in Boushehr. Boushehr is a small city in the south of Iran and it's located next to the Persian Gulf which is under the influence of special genre of music. You may find the impression of Africa, Arab and Hindu music in this region. he began to play local percussion instruments from early childhood. He started his professional work by joining to local music groups and folklore ones of Boushehr in 1993.

Since he was interested in music and doing research on it, he went to Kish Island and played in local groups. Then he returned to Boushehr and joined one of the Boushehr international music groups named Lian and had more than 150 performances in several cities of Iran and some in other countries. 
His interest in various genres of music and knowing about them made him travel to Europe and participate in a workshop in Paris, France. Then he traveled to Netherlands and Germany and met the musicians of that region and researched on different styles such as Jazz and Fusion.

He has been making percussion instruments of the south of Iran for 15 years. He has been successful making instruments for musicians of Iran and occasionally out of Iran. From his handmade instruments, Bushehr skin percussion instruments in Iran Musical Instrument Museum is pointed.       He has received the national insignia of quality for the small handmade Dammam_music instrument.

Mahmoud Zolghadr
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