Pegah Zohdi

Pegah Zohdi was born in Tehran on December 31, 1992. She graduated from Tehran music school in 2010.

She has been the first winner of Santoor playing in the first and second festival of music schools, 2005 and 2006, Tehran, Iran.

At the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, getting an MA
degree in music and at this time, she learned Radif of Persian classical music with Dariush Talaei and Majid Kiani. She also learned the details and delicates of playing and music with Siamak Aghaei.

Pegah has collaborated with diverse music bands such as "Raha" (Santoor quintet, composed and led by Siamak Aghaei), "Rastan", "Derang" (by Mohamadreza Fayaz), Azarang and etc.

She has played for many live performances and festivals in Iran and many other countries. For instance, participate in the recording and performance of pieces by Kambiz Roshan Ravan with "Leggiero Orchestra" in Moscow, Russia, and Playing at "the 3rd international Dulcimer Festival" in Beijing, China and she founded the "Rahavard" Ensemble and performed songs by Maestro Faramarz Payvar in 2018 and etc.

She has played Santoor for several music albums, Such as "Salname" (composed by Mohamadreza Fayaz), "Ayyaran" (composed by Ahmad Pejman), 11 Tasnifs by Alinaqi Vaziri.

Nowadays, Pegah is currently recording and preparing an album for Santoor solo and also teaching at art institutes.

Pegah Zohdi
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