Sepehr Rafiiean

Music Training Courses:

1. 1987, starting music education before Professor Kazem Davoudian;

2. As of 1989, acquisition of radif (meaning order) of Professor Abolhassa n Saba and Opus of Professor Faramaz Payvar before Professor Reza Shafeian (Center for Preservation and Broadcasting Music);

3. 1992, acquisition of part of radif Mirza Abdallah before Professor Majid Kiani; 4. 1994, high course of playing santur before Professor Parviz Meshkatian;

5. 1996, acquisition of part of sciences relating to composing before Professor Kazem Davoudian.

Music Teaching Records:

Teaching playing santur and theory of music as of 1995 in such centers as.Andisheh Cultural Center, Music Institute of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Erfan Music Institute, Ashia neh Kudak, and Nojavan Institute, Kherad Art House, Darvak Institute, Bahar Institute, Taraneh Institute (chosen institute in 2007), Navak Institute, Baharlou Institute (the oldest institute of Tehran, established in 1946), Peyman Institute, Janan Institute, Bayan Institute Zangouleh Institute, International Institute of Virtual Teaching of Iranian Music (rhythmitica), which operate as a Canadian registered company; Virtual Institute of Paper Piano, and private classes.,,

Art Records:

1. Managing Director of Rang Avaye Mehr Cultural-Artistic Institute (established in 2016);

2. Manager and proprietor of Bedaheh (Impromptu) Music Institute (established in 2016)

3. First-degree affiliated member of Association of Musicians of Iranian Musical Instruments of Iran Music House

4. Holding third-grade artist badge from IRI Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (equivalent to bachelor's degree of Music, 2016);


5. Provisional membership in Young Composers Association of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (1997);

6. Establishment of "Farabi Music Association" under the management of Mr. Bahram Jamali and Mr. AMIR ESLAMI, and membership in the board of directors thereof (2004);

7. Implementation, execution, and directing musical project of "Connecting Futures" in Newcastle, England, in tandem with Mr. Stewart Hardy, academic staff of the University of Newcastle, incl. holding training workshops for Iranian students and British music students for two weeks, resulting in fusion music of Lorestan - North of England. The stated performance was produced on audio CD by British Council, Student Organization, and the Sage Gateshead (No,·. 2004);

8. Expert of music, "Office of Development of Child and Adolescent Art" affiliated to art deputy of Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality (2006);

9. Holding practical and theoretical workshops on the methodology of teaching music to children for experts of art affairs of cultural centers and cultural houses of Tehran (date and venue: autumn 2006, Enghelab Cultural Center);

10. Secretary of the national contest of composing for children, which was held by the Office for Development of Child and Adolescent Art affiliated to a deputy of Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality (Winter 2007, Spring 2007);

11. Planning and management of specialized meetings of teaching music to children in the office for the development of the child and adolescent art from Autumn 2006 to winter 2008 (venue: Arasbaran Art Cultural Center);

12. Music expert of Tehran Adolescents Cultural-Art Center (central staff of management of centers, which are subsidiary to Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran municipality, Dist. 12), 2008;

13. Acting director of Nimrooz Music Group (youth group affiliated to Tehran Adolescents Cultural-Art Center) 2008-2009.

Music Articles and Critique:

1. The article "Short Review of Improvisation Indices". Bulletin of the first festival of young ' 0 musicians, Art Cultural Center (Arasbaran), 2001;

2. The article "Teaching Music" published in Gardanieh periodical (internal publication of Erfan music association), 2001;

3. Critique of Messers. Alizadeh-Gasparian Concert. Hamshahri daily. 2003.

4. Critique of Ghazal, the joint performance of Mr. Keyhan Kalhor and Mr. Shujaat H ossein Khan. Bani Film Newspaper. 2003.

5. The article "The Current Voice in Various Forms". Magham Journal, 2003.
6. Writing and translating articles for Art Teaching Publication affiliated to Center for Development

of Art Education of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (from No. 6 to No. 9). Released Sound Albums:

1. "Peik Aftab", a multimedia educational CD for students of the first, second, and third grades of primary school. Designer and director: Ms. JALEH MOSAED. Composing and selecting music: Mr. SEPEHR RAFIIEAN. Publisher: Golmehr Publications, 2004 (elected educational CD of Child Book Council in 2007).

2. "Kaveh and Siavash Story", cassette and audio CD. Writer: 1\f s. JALEH t!OS.i\ED. Composer:

Mr. SEPEHR RAFIIEAN. Publisher: Golmehr Publica tions, 2004.

3. "Connecting Futures. Iran/UK". Building Musical Bridges. Audio CD. Nov. 2004. Publisher: British Council, I.R. Student Organization, The Sage Gateshead.

4. Playing Santur in cassette and audio CD of "Be Happy" Qubilation music of Yarious regions of Iran), compiling and tuning by Mr. Mohmmad Tayebi Jebeli, work of art of Erfan J\ lusic Group. Publisher: Giti Pouyesh, 2006.

5. Playing Santur in the album "Moonlight Sky" (opus for Iranian musical instruments group). Composer: Mr. Kaveh Sarvarian. Recording: 2006. Publica tion: 2013. Publisher: Hezar Naghmeh Basteh Negar.

6. Designing, composing, and implementing of the multimedia CD of "Comprehensive Teaching of Santur (preliminary period)" in two sets, incl. eight CDs. Publisher: ,Afra Rayan Co., 2007.

7. Playing Santur in the album "Silent Citadel", composed and tuned by Mr. Fariborz Rostami and Mr. Arnirhossein Eslami, 2007.

8. Composing for radio play (audio) "Zamyad", directed by Amir Saranjam, 2008, Manouchehri Publications.

9. Playing Santur on the album "Short Review of Composing in Iran. They were composed by Mr. Ali Samadpour (to be released).

Other audio works of art (music of movies, series, etc.)

- Performing opus in the form of musical instruments and singing in Radio Tehran, produced by Mr. Javad Mani and Mr. Bahram Jamali (1998);

-PlayingSanturinTVseries"GoharKamal"(1999).ComposedbyMirfarsad Maleknia. - Cooperating with the esteemed signer and artist, Mr. Sedigh Tarif (2003).

Sepehr Rafiiean
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