Sepehr Rafiiean

Sepehr Rafiiean born in 1973. He was educated in social research and sociology and Holding third grade artist badge from IRI Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (equivalent to bachelor's degree of Music, 2016)

He is the Founder and Director of Bedaheh Music Institute.

Music instructor as a contractor for private and group class with different Music Institutes.

  • Music Articles and Critique


  1. The article "Short Review of Improvisation Indices". 2001- Iran

Bulletin of the first festival of young


musicians, Art Cultural Center  (Arasbaran)


  1. The article "Teaching Music" published in Gardanieh periodical 2001- Iran

(internal publication of Erfan music association)


  1. Critique of Messers. Alizadeh-Gasparian Concert. Hamshahri daily 2003- Iran


  1. Critique of Ghazal, the joint performance of Mr. Keyhan Kalhor and Mr. Shujaat Hossein Khan. Bani Film Newspaper


  1. The article "The Current Voice in Various Forms". Magham Journal, 2003- Iran


  1. Writing and translating articles for Art Teaching publication Nov. 03 to Nov. 09 

affiliated to Center for Development of Art Education of Ministry 

of Culture and Islamic Guidance 




Released  Sound Albums

  2. "Peik Aftab", a multimedia educational CD for students of first, 2004- Iran 

second and  third  grade  of primary school. Designer and 

director: Ms. JALEH MOSAED. 

Composing and selecting music: Mr. SEPEHR RAFIIEAN. 

Publisher: Golmehr Publications,

Elected educaional CD of Child Book Council . 2007- Iran


2. "Kaveh and Siavash Story", cassette and audio CD. Writer: MS. Jaleh Mosaed. Composer:

Mr. SEPEHR RAFIIEAN. Publisher: Golmehr Publications,  2004.


3. "Connecting Futures. Iran/UK". Building Musical Bridges. Audio CD. 2004-11 Publisher: British Council, I.R. Student Organization, The Sage Gateshead.


4.  Playing Santur in cassette and audio CD of "Be Happy" Qubilation music 2006- Iran

of various regions of Iran), compiling and tuning by Mr. Mohmmad Tayebi 

Jebeli, work of art of Erfan music Group. Publisher: Giti Pouyesh, 


5.  Playing Santur in the album "Moonlight Sky" 2006- Iran

(opus for Iranian musical instruments group). Composer: 

Mr. Kaveh Sarvarian. Recording: 

Publication: Publisher: Hezar Naghmeh Basteh Negar. 2013- Iran


6. Designing, composing and implementation of multimedia CD of 2007- Iran 

"Comprehensive Teaching of Santur (preliminary period)" 

in two sets, incl. eight CDs. Publisher: ,Afra  Rayan Co., 2007.


7.  Playing Santur in the album "Silent Citadel", composing and  2007- Iran

tuning  by  Mr. Fariborz  Rostami and Mr. Arnirhossein Eslami


8.   Composing for radio play (audio) "Zamyad", directed by Amir Saranjam 2008- Iran

Manouchehri Publications.


9.  Playing Santur the album "Short Review of Composing in Iran. 

Composed by Mr. Ali Samadpour (to be released).


Other audio works  of art (music of movies,  series,  etc.)


  • Performing opus in the  form of musical instrument  and  singing in Radio Tehran, produced by' Mr. Javad Mani and Mr. Bahram Jamali 1998- Iran


  • Playing Santur in TV series "Gohar Kamal" 1999- Iran

Composed by Mirfarsad Maleknia


  • Cooperating with the esteemed signer and artist, Mr. Sedigh Tarif 2003- Iran


  • Composing for a short movie  "Healthy Nutrition",  directed  by  2005- Iran

Mr.  Ebrahim  Mojarad ordered by National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute


  • Composing for a long animation movie dubbed "Legend of 2010- Iran
  • Legend of Champion Roshan", directed by Ms.Salma Afkari, produced by Saba Animation Institute


  • Playing Santur in the music of movie "Alzheimer", 2011- Iran

directed by Mr.Ahmadreza Motamedi ,Composed by Mr. Ali Samadpour


  • Playing Santur in the music of drama "Samak-e Ayyar", 2011- Iran

directed by Mr.Javad Zolfaghari. Composed by Mr. Ali Samadpour, 


  • Performances (Concerts)
  • Receipt of First Prize of playing musical instruments in group 1977-  Iran

with Shurangiz Group in the 13'h Fajr International Music Festival

 directed by Mr.Erfan Ganjeie.


  • Directing and composing for Sepehr Music Group in music Festival 2001- Iran

of  women in Sarv Cultural Center, Banu,


  • Cooperation with Erfan Music Group as a composer and musician 2003- Iran

in a  concert  held  in winter , Art Cultural Center (Arasbaran)


  • Cooperation with Erfan Music Group as a musician in the jubilation 2004- Iran

 music concert of various regions of Iran, Art Cultural Center (Arasbaran).


  • Cooperation with Bayan Music Group as a musician and 2011-10- Iran

composer in a concert held in Rudaki Hall, directed by Mr. Erfan Ganjeie.


  • Cooperation with Mawlawi Music Group as a musician and 2012-03- Berlin-

composer in concerts held in and Weimar in Nowrooz  Germany

  • Cooperation with Bayan Music Group as a musician and 2012-09- Iran

composer in a concert for recompo sing old songs, Vahdat Hall


  • Performance in tandem with Bayan Music Group, memorial of 2013-10- Iran

master Seyedjamaladin Khorraminejad, the painter, Iranian Artist forum. 


  • Cooperation with Mawlawi Music Group as a musician and 2014- 11- Kuwait

composer in concerts held in memorial of Hafez


  • Writing opus for orchestra of Iranian musical instruments and  2018- 11

symphony  orchestra  and Santur. Sheet music (partitura) of all of 

the aforesaid as well as the audio version of some of them arc available

Sepehr Rafiiean
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