Sepehr Rafiiean

Sepehr Rafiiean born on 1973.He was educated in social research and sociology from university of Tehran

Musical Education

1- 1987: Begin learning music under Kazem Davoodian’s instruction

2- 1989: Learning Abol Hasan Saba Radifs and Faramars Payvar pieces from Reza Shafieyan,

3- 1991: Learning parts of Mirza Abdolah’s Radif under Majid Kiani’s instruction

4- 1993: Dulcimer playing Master Courses under Parviz Meshkatian instruction

5- 1995: Learning parts of composition under Kazem Davoodian’s instruction Musical Teaching Experience 1994- present: Teaching how to play the Dulcimer and theory of music in Andishe Culture House/ Music Center of Medical science of Tehran university / Erfan Music center / the House of Children and Teenager / Manzumeye kherad Instituted (House of Art) / Darvak institute / Bahar Institute/ Tarane institute(the best selected institute in 2007)/ Novak institute / Baharloo institute (the oldest one in Tehran, established in 1946)/ Peyman institute / Janan institute and some other institutes in Tehran and privet classes Artistic achievements:

1- 1997: First-award-winner for orchestral performance accompanied with Shurangiz Group in 13th Fajr musical festival conducted by Erfan Ganjei.

2- 1997: Temporary membership in young composers association in IRIB

3- 1998: Performing pieces of Saz and Avaz in radio produced by Javad Maani

4- 1999: Giving Dulcimer player in Gohar Kamal series composed by Mir Farsad Malek Nia

5- 2000: Conductor and composer of Sepehr Musical group in female music festival in Sarv culture center

6- 2002: Founder of “Farabi Music Association” and a director board member, managed by Bahram Jalali and Amir Eslami.

7- 2004:Cooperation with great artist and singer Sedigh Tarif

8- First grade dependent member in Iranian instrument center in Iran Music House

9- Performing and directing music project “Connecting Future” in Newcastle England with Stewart Hardy , member of Newcastle university of music board . The project included workshops for Iranian students and English music students which resulted a Lorestan – North England fusion performance that was produced and released in CD form by celebrant organization(Britain’s Cultural Center)

10- 2006: Music compose of the short movie “Healthy Nutrition” directed by Ebrahim Mojarad ordered by Nutrition Research Institute and the National food industry

11- 2006: Music expert Children and Teenagers Art Development Office associated to Cultural and Art Organization Deputy of Tehran

12- 2008: Holding practical and children music methodology courses for experts of Tehran Cultural Center in Enghelab Cultural Center.

13- 2006-2007: Children composition competition held by Children and Teenagers Art Development of Tehran Municipality.

14- 2006-2007: Organizer and manager of professional children music instruction meeting held in Arasbaran Culture Center.

15- 2008: Music of expert of Tehran Teenagers Culture and Art Center. In central art and culture office of District 20th cultural organization.

16- 2008-2009: Supervisor of Nimruz music band (Young band depended to Cultural Art Center of Tehran Teenagers.

17- 2010: Composer of the a long animation “Light Hero’s Legend “ directed by Selma Afkari , producer: Saba Animation.

18- 2010: soundtrack musician of movie “Alzheimer” musician of the play “Samak Ayar” , composer : Ali Samadpur

19- 2013: Musician in the album of Tasnif sazi . Arrangement by: Ali Samadpur .

Essays and criticism of music 1- 2001:

The essay about introduction to improvised playing parameters. Soloist’s first festivals. Arasbaran Cultural Center.

2- 2001: Essay on music instruction in Gardanie magazine, (Erfan music internal publication)

3- 2003: Criticism on Alizadeh and Gasparian concert (Hamshahri Newspaper,)

4- 2003: A collaboration by Criticism on Ghazaal, worked by Keyhan Kalhor and Shojaat Hossein Khan, Bani Film Newpaper,

5- 2003: Essay titled: Current Voice in Endless Voices, Magham magazine.

6- Writing and translating essays for academic publication associated with Art Education Development Office of Ministry of Culture (from number 6-10) Vocal released works 1- 2004: Composer of Peyke Aftab instructive multimedia CD for first, second and third children. Directed by Jalleh Mosaed, composer: Sepehr Rafiian, publisher: Golmehr publication, (selected instructive CD for children in 2007)

2- 2004: Composer of Kave and Siavash story, Writer: Jalleh Mosaed, publisher: Golmehr publication

3- Connecting Futures. Iran/UK. Building Music Bridges- British Council- I.R.Student Organization- The stage Gateshead

4- 2005: Dulcimer player of “Be Happy” (happy music of different regions of Iran) collected and arranged by Mohammad Teibi Jebeli, a work by Erfan music band, publisher: Giti Puyesh,

5- 2013: Dulcimer player in “Asemane Mahtab” album (pieces for Iranian instruments) composer: Kave Sarvarian, publisher: Hezar Naghme Baste Negar

6- 2007: Designing, preparation, arrangement, and releasing multimedia CD named “Comprehensive Instruction of Dulcimer” primary course, in two collections including 8 CD, publisher: Afra Rayan company,

7- 2007: Dulcimer player in “Arge Khamush” composed by Fariborz Rostami and arranged by Amir Eslami

8- 2008:Composing for radio play named “Zamiad” directed by Amir Saranjam, Manuchehri publication Performances (concerts)

1- 2008: First Prize Winner with Shourangiz band in 13th Fajr Music Festival, directed by Erfan Ganjeii

2- 2002: Composer and player of Erfan Musical Band, in Arasbaran Cultural Center

3- 2003: composer and player of Erfan Musical Band in “Happiness of different of Regions of Iran”, Arasbaran Cultural Center.

4- 2011: Composer and Player in Bayan Musical Band, Roodaki salon, directed by Erfan Ganjeii

5- 2012: Composer and Player in Molavi Musical Band in Germany’s concert (Berlin, Vaymar)

6- 2012: Composer and Player in Bayan Music Band in reconstructing old TASANIF concert, Vahdat Hall.

7- 2013: Performing with Bayan Band in commemoration painting master Seiyed Jamaledin Khorrami Neghad, in Artists House.

8- 2014: Composer and Player Molavi Musical Band in commemoration of Hafiz in Kuwait. Writing other pieces for Iranian instruments orchestra Symphonic orchestra and Dulcimer, whose scores and vocal versions of some are available.

Sepehr Rafiiean
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