Zhao Zhuoqun

Pipa(Chinese lute) player, Ph.D. Candidate in Ethnomusicology, Central Conservatory of Music; Columnists on guan cha website.(www.guancha.cn)

·Received Master and Bachelor degree in Pipa performance from Central Conservatory of Music.

·Member of the Educational and Teaching Research Project---- "Classified Textbooks of music performance majors for English course"

Research and performance experience:

·The recording of the electronic music "Lane String" (Composed by Wang Xiao) won first place in Kong Audio/median's electronic music creation.

·Performance on" The belt and the road music education alliance"

·Repeatedly participated in CCTV (China national TV)program recording and Japan World Expo performance.

Academic  papers:

·Music Interaction across Integration (Journal of Nanjing Academy of Art, CSSCI);

·Interpretation of Uygur Musical Style in Pipa Performance Skills (Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities, CSSCI);

·Reflections on the Integration and Development of Professional Folk Music and Mass Music Culture;

Zhao Zhuoqun
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