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Muse Muscle is the true cognition of the body and a path toward self-evaluation for an injury-free life, which is the result of 17 years of study by Mohammad. M. Babai, an Iranian researcher, and innovator.

Muse Muscle is a lifestyle that is recommended for all the people around the world who concern about their health and It is a necessity for those who have repetitive motions and hand-intensive activities, like a typist, writers, painters, calligraphers, employees, students, housewives, and in particular, musicians.

For years, musicians of any age or level have been using more than a hundred Muse Muscle’s detailed exercises to re-train their kinesthetic sense, improve freedom, prevent or eliminate injuries and in general, experiencing an injury-free career.

The result of this 17 years study has been published in 3 books, more than 15 hours of instructional videos, and used to train dozens of expert teachers.

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