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Ney is a cylinder shaped (flute-like) woodwind instrument. It most typically has 6 nodes and 6 internodes (hence the name "Haft Band" which literally means "7 internodes"). It is made with different thicknesses (1.5 to 3 centimeters) and different lengths (30 centimeters to 70 centimeters). It has 5 holes in the front and one in the back with a brass cover on either the top or both ends of the instrument. This brass piece on the top, which goes in the mouth, is very sharp and can sit in between the two top front teeth easily. Playing the Ney using the teeth has been associated with Nayeb Asdollah Isfahani, even though it is very likely this method existed before him as well. In either way, air enters the instrument and most of it leaves through the first open hole. Thereofore, the opening and closing of the holes by the player's fingers changes the length of the vibrating air and creates high or low pitches. Vibrating the lips help create vibration in the sound.

Tuning cannot be changed on a Ney instrument. Hence, it is typically utilized as a solo instrument. In orchestras, Ney players usually have access to numerous Neys made to have different tunings to be able to accompany others.


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