Learn Persian Dastgah Music Price : $120
( $30 per session )

Capacity : 15

Instructed By : Negar Bouban

Learn Persian Dastgah Music

Learn Persian Dastgah Music
By Negar Bouban

Learn Persian Dastgah Music,

through phrasing and timing templates

by Negar Bouban


In 2021, we have started to hold a series of four-session courses, on Persian Dastgah music, widely known as Persian Radif music.

The Approach we are taking is focused on the recurring underlying templates in phrasing and timing structure; which provides the learner with a better understanding and wider application of melody types and the way they take shape to sit in every template, with the possibility of changing the Maqam or mode.

Some of these templates have their own established names as so-called ‘Gusheh-s’ in different Dastgah-s; such as ‘Kereshmeh’, ‘Naghmeh’, ‘Chahar-pareh’, etc; famous for having borrowed their rhythm and form from specific meters or forms in Persian poetry. While there are other ones with less obvious but still recurring elements in particular combinations; such as ‘Hazin’, ‘Basteh-negar’, ‘Zanguleh’, ‘Panje-sheri’, ‘Khosravani’, etc. There are also some other phrasing templates that are working in parts of different Dastgah-s without being labeled.

Every course will consist of four sessions of one-hour duration.



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June 2022 Schedule

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Annual Learning Plan

Month Topics / Descriptions
January 'Tasnif'': a metric vocal piece, and 'Pish-Daramad' : a metric instrumental piece to begin a program of Persian music in performance.
February An introduction to "Tahrir" and 
a look at the role of ornamentations in Persian music phrasing.
March Templates of Kereshmeh and Chahar-Pareh, and their various versions in different Dastgah-s. Then we will try to bring other modes unto the templates and make our own versions of Kereshmeh and Chahar-Pareh.
April Templates of 'Khosravani' and 'Hazin', and how they take shape in different Dastgah-s, and we'll try to extend that to the modes that do not appear in the versions of Radif widely published.
May Templates of 'Baste-negar' and 'Masnavi', and their characteristics. We will see how they take shape in different Dastgah-s, and their different roles in a typical performance of Persian Dastgah music.
June We will get to know about timing-phrasing templates of 'Naghmeh' and 'Zanguleh', and what their characteristics are built upon. We will take a look at the differences they have, when appearing in different Dastgah-s, and the way they are used in performing Persian Dastgah music.
July In July, we are running the course, which will take us through timing-phrasing templates of 'Jame-daran' and 'Panje-She'ri' with their appearance in different Dastgah-s. We will go deeper into some Dastgah-Cycle structures with samples of the melody types, as well as more guided listening into the material.
August Break! 
September After the previous rounds, we are now delving a bit deeper into Maqam making of our Template-approach towards Dastgah music, with 'Bayat-e Raje' and 'Rak' and their appearance in different Dastgah cycles.
Getting more exposure to samples of the melody types, we would go for more guided listening and explorations into the material.
October In October, we are planning to work on the concept of 'Reng' (as a metric piece that traditionally comes at the end of a performance), as well as going on with Maqam making in our Template-approach towards Dastgah music, with 'Aragh' and its qualities.
November & December In November and December, we will be working on the concept of 'Chahar-Mezrab': a metric instrumental piece, with its special characteristics, and will also continue the Maqam making in Dastgah music, with 'Rohab'.

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