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  • What Do We Do ?

    Rhythmitica platform with live Persian online music lessons is designed for people who do not have direct access to Persian music instructors. Checkout our Persian music lessons list through online music classes Schedule a free consultation session today to find out how to use discount coupons.

    What Is Rhytmitica ?

    How We Do It ?

    Rhythmitica gathers highly esteemed and skilled professionals in the field of Persian music.They are focused on transferring their knowledge to seekers through the power of the internet. We use the platform built into Rhythmitica to schedule the online music lessons between students and instructors. The lessons are held by video conference systems.

    Special Products

    Kamancheh iBook The first Kamancheh iBook by Negar Kharkan,availabe on iTunes and iBook store. $15
    Daf Instrument Buy the best quality Hapa Daf (Pejman Hadadi-Padouk) online. $199
    Persian Musical Instruments The complete information iBook about Persian Musical Instruments. $2

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    What Our Students Say?

    I am a mechanical engineer living in London. Since I left Iran, my Kamanche lessons stopped for 6 years until I found Rhythmitica. I started my classes with them and after just a few weeks my friends and family noticed the change in my music. The efficiency of lessons was incredibly high and the result was great. Now I can learn and play the music I like which makes me so happy and motivated to carry on. Instructors at Rhythmitica are very professional and world class. Most of them are well known musicians and this makes a big difference in the quality of lessons. My special thanks go to my fantastic Kamanche instructor Ms Negar Kharkan. She is able to precisely identify your weaknesses and give you the most effective solution. I would like to strongly recommend Rhythmitica to people who love to learn music but they “think” they don’t have access to proper classes. I believe with Rhythmitica everyone can enjoy music lessons without any difficulties.

    Navid H. (London)

    I bought a Daf and trying to learn on my own by youtube videos, and it was nonproductive, cause those videos was random and maintain just a starting moments about how took the instrument and few basic tricks. When I trying to found a book with solid method about how to play in good tradition, and my searching haven’t any results, I am occasionally found RHYTHMITICA online music academy. It was a big success, cause I can’t imagine that learning of that ancient instrument would be so simple by Skype. After 2 years I have a good level of playing on Daf, and started Tombak learning. I don’t want to stop, wanna play more and more to increase my drumming skills. All teachers of RHYTHMITICA online academy, big thanks you the way you are, culture haven’t borders with yours help!

    Dimitriy.B. (Kyrgyzstan)

    Getting familiar with Persian Ney was actually the most exciting experience I have ever had in my life.Being able to play every scale you want is such an advantage which does not seem to be feasible with Ney ,but it actually is.I could never imagine having a Persian Ney class in Australia.It was actually a far fetched dream ,but Rythmitica academy made my wishes come true.Thanks Rhythmitica

    Keivan.T. (Australia)

    I was meaning to start learning Setar for two years but being away from Iran and not being able to find a qualified teacher made my chances of learning look slim. I tried books and multimedia packages but did not get the results I wanted. Few months ago, I accidentally came across RHYTHMITICA website; this institution has the goal of educating people far and wide about Iranian music. It’s been few months and I am very satisfied with the results I am getting. The teaching method, the knowledge and skill of the instructor and the consistent follow up by the head of the institute have created a great experience for me. I actually would recommend private online music lessons even to people in Iran too.

    Hassan A (USA)

    I have been learning Daf online for more than two years. Before immigration to Canada, I was looking for Daf player in Iran for six long years and after changing teachers four times, I almost gave up on it. One day, searching on google I came across RHYTHMITICA website and it was a life changing event. I was skeptical if learning how to play an instrument online was possible. I found out after couple of sessions that the high level skill of the instructor can make the problem of distance irrelevant and unimportant. Using the camera, the nuances of my technique were noticed and improved. I am proud to announce that the services of this website cleared all of my doubts on learning Daf. I would recommend live music lessons to everyone.

    Saeedeh N (Canada)

    I really loved to learn ” Daf “, but I couldn’t find any teacher for ” Daf ” in my town or close by. The online music lessons of RHYTHMITICA is characterized by high flexibility as well as temporal and spatial independence. The lessons from Mr. Tootoonchian is very interesting, as I learned in such a short time a lot about the history of “Daf” and the traditional Persian music. Just for me, who lives far away from home, online lessons with RHYTHMITICA is perfect and I have lower costs and more flexibility to take the lessons where and when I want. I can highly recommend online music production courses to anyone and like to thanks for all the effort.

    Nazanin.S. (Germany)

    Have to say, Joining the RHYTHMITICA online music classes has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Unfortunately, being away from Iran, and not being able to have access to professional teachers, learning traditional Persian music, and in my case Setar was very difficult. I came across RHYTHMITICA, almost 4 months ago, and I have been loving it ever since. They have the most knowledgeable and educated teachers. Although being an online class, the time and patients the teachers dedicate to their students is much more than any live class could ever provide. I am still at the begging of my journey, but I believe with the support and confidence the teachers will give me, with no doubt I will reach my goal and show the beauty of Persian music.

    Maryam M. (Australia)

    Highly Skilled Instructors

    Instructors at Rhythmitica are trained professional Persian musicains. Every instructor here at Rhythmitica is highly experienced in online music learning.

    • Hooman Tootoonchian on rhythmitica
    • Negar Kharkan on rhythmitica
    • Ali Samadpour on rhythmitica
    • Behzad Mirzayi on rhythmitica
    • Parisa kashefi on rhythmitica
    • Kaveh Sarvarian on rhythmitica
    • Yasamin Shahhoseini on rhythmitica
    • Sepehr Rafiiean on rhythmitica
    • Masood Arzanlou on rhythmitica
    • Hannaneh Saeidi on rhythmitica
    • Shahab Azinmehr on rhythmitica
    • Malihe Moradi on rhythmitica
    • Negar Bouban on rhythmitica
    • Amir Eslami on rhythmitica
    • Sanaz Nakhjavani on rhythmitica
    • Siamak Jahangiri on rhythmitica
    • Maryam Soroosh on rhythmitica
    • Pejman Hadadi on rhythmitica
    • Khashayar Parsa on rhythmitica
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